About Tom

I grew up a fairly experienced eater. My meals at home were on both ends of the spectrum; on my father’s side, a second-generation Irish mechanical engineer, dinners were the simple kinds like angel hair pasta with ragu or pot roast; on my mother’s side, a first-generation Filipino grocery owner/caterer, exotic flavors and cuts like pork bellies, chicken adobo, and grilled fish were a staple. While growing up in the middle of all of this I developed quite the flavor palate.

Somehow, I also acquired some artistic DNA and decided I wanted to be a photographer to show others how I saw the world. Along the way I figure out how to merge my two passions, food and photography, into one career. I began by shooting everything from automotive shows in Las Vegas to weddings in upstate New York, before I had the good fortune to shoot a restaurant. I knew there and then I would hone my skills and pursue specializing in food photography.

I love and appreciate food, restaurants, chefs, and producers. I hope you will let me peek into your world for a moment and allow me to capture your passion in photos.

Portrait by Jami Carlton

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Sophistication is Overrated - May 2015, Brown Books Publishing Group

Garden & Gun - G&G Tent at the Foxfield Spring Races

Good Taste; Good Food, a Good Life - Jane Green - January 2016, Self Published (Kickstarter)